• Providing a platform to develop support and awareness while advocating for our professions through open conversations.


  • To provide a forum where occupational/physiotherapist assistants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists can communicate issues relevant to practice.


  • To provide opportunities for collaboration, networking and the sharing of information.



Leadership and Inspiration: We believe the path to effective communication begins with building a solid foundation of mutual collaboration.  By bringing everyone together we will open up an atmosphere to inspire others. By supporting each other and facilitating this dialogue, we envision further leaders in our profession.  

Foster Openness:  We share an openness that is essential in building a feeling of trust.  We would like our active audience to feel comfortable in expressing concerns, ask questions, and providing feedback.  

Collaboration:  We believe in the effectiveness of a collaborative environment that recognizes all thoughts and ideas and the benefits of multidisciplinary cross-talk.  By seeking the input of others we will remain a platform for ongoing engagement.

Respect and Empowerment: We share our commitment to each other and strive to support one another in accomplishing our full potential, personally and professionally.  We believe each individual is unique and recognize individual perspectives. Exchange of information will represent balance, flexibility and open mindedness.

Growth and Professional Development:  We promote a culture of learning in our professions and engage opportunities to enhance our growth through knowledge.  This enables us to meet the evolving needs of our developing community.